To pigeon hole into category all the fun-activities at IGSC would be a challenging feat as even academia is made enjoyable at this school of high achievers and future leaders in every field of life.

The school has on campus a basketball Court, Racing Track and Football Ground. In addition, inter-class matches are played to keep alive the spirit of competition and healty team spirit.

The official school Mscot is the PANTHER. (Each school team member is a Panther’). Every Academic year the school holds a Sports day event in which students from all levels participate and show determination to do their best.

A few recent fun-filled events include: the Girls’ basketball matches ,Boys’ basketball and football matches , table tennis tournaments and badminton tournament .

Such matches are charged, colorful extravaganza of players, cheerleaders, supporters and audacious, commentators whose volubility can be paralleled only by their love for the sport!

Victory in such matches is not only sweet but leaves behind memories to be savored for a long time to come.