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Nursery and Kindergarten

Maryum Naeem

14 years in IGSC and I still want more.
14 years in IGSC and I still want more.
September 2018
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Nursery and Kindergarten

A good beginning in education is essential in building a strong and enduring foundation for a bright successful future. IGSC believes that parents play a fundamental role in educating children in the formative years. We encourage the partnership of parents, a system of detailed and structured reporting by teachers, where information is given to them on the progress of their children on a regular basis. This approach is effective as children are thoroughly motivated to excel and weaknesses are addressed. As pupils progress we actively develop and mould their character as well as their skills instilling courtesy and graciousness at all times.


Kindergarten has become increasingly academic in the past decade with students becoming competent readers and writers by the end of the school year.


Our teachers have experience of balancing academics with appropriate amounts of play and rest and in creating fun hands-on activities that keep students actively engaged in learning.


The school’s Kindergarten Section Programme focuses on increasing the children’s phonological awareness, teaching the children appropriate vocabulary, developing their speaking and listening skills. By providing a stimulating environment that allows the child the freedom to act spontaneously and be motivated to further their perception constantly. The environment created especially is to encourage a child’s desire to learn. A fundamental element in the IGSC method of education is encouraging the cognitive and physical development of the child in an unrestricted environment.