• IGSC is probably the only school that boast the presence of some of its founder staff who joined the school in 1982 at its conception.
  • IGSC has a faculty of long experienced teachers, further complimented by the presence of younger faculty. This gives IGSC the benefit of experienced teachers and dynamic teaching methodology, energy and a contemporary modus operandi imperative to success in teaching today.
  • All teachers are IGSC are dedicated professionals who take a personal interest in the students progress and goal achievement, going that extra mile where needed.
  • All teachers at the Junior and Middle school are full time teachers enabling them to have a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s individual progress in every subject. IGSC feels that till the Middle School Level students require the constant presence of their teachers on campus.
  • IGSC also engages visiting faculty for its O' and A' Level Classes.
  • Speakers and prominent personalities are invited to address the children on various national, international, health and social issues.