• IGSC offers many facilities not commonly found in other schools.
  • Every class is provided with its own air-conditioning unit in the summer and a heating unit in the winter to make the working environment as comfortable as possible for the students.
  • Modern laboratories have been set up for the students in the four disciplines of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer for students to have practical knowledge of their work.
  • Latest and updated software and hardware is available for the students in the Computer Laboratory which the students have access to throughout the working day under the supervision of the teachers.
  • In addition to this, a tuck-shop is located on the school premises for both Junior School and Senior School. It offers a wide variety of food and favorable treats for the students. The preparation of the treats in monitored by the faculty to maintain high levels of hygiene and to guarantee the freshness of the food.
  • The school has gone through great pains to provide a real train saloon for the IGSC children at the new campus. At the junior school level, it provides a safe and comfortable area for Pakistan's cultural heritage by realizing the importance of the railways as a backbone of social and economic development in the sub-continent. It aims at providing dimension to historical learning in the class.
  • The train saloon also serves as a theatre for children after school where they are encouraged to watch movies based on classics and documentaries that are arranged by the school faculty. The library too, is equipped with a large screen home theatre system, DVD player and multimedia facility.
  • IGSC, the most popular school in Islamabad, boasts a newly installed library with both an extended selection of informative books and a multimedia facility for research and presentation by and for the students. It now hosts a multimedia large screen home theatre system for multimedia viewing and story time for the nursery section.