Cultural Diversity

Our Children become messengers of peace worldwide.

IGSC, the oldest school in Islamabad, feels proud to host a melange of students of different nationalities and cultures who lend an international air to the school. Students from all over the world get together here to enjoy a friendly and harmonious environment conducive to social and academic growth.

IGSC has, over the years embraced and groomed students from countries across the globe... Palestine, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Indonesia, Bosnia, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, USA, Sierra Leone, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, North-Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Britain, France, Canada and the Russian Federation. The students interact and learn about each other's cultures and ways of life, national ideologies, politics, national resources, traditions and folklore.

Friendships developed at IGSC are enduring and in their own small way bring the countries closer by way of the hearts of its young citizens who are the leaders of tomorrow's world.

IGSC has organized many programmes in English, Urdu, French, Arabic, Hausa/Ibo and Turkish to provide a platform for children to project an image of their culture and tradition. These programmes have included plays, based on classics, popular culture skits, debates, martial arts, traditional dances and talks by foreign dignitaries from various diplomatic missions. IGSC students have also performed at various embassy functions as part of different cultural exchange initiatives.

IGSC remains pro-active in trying to expand the horizons for its students by giving them exposure to the different ways of life that exist outside Pakistan. This in turn, conditions in children an acceptance of other cultures and most importantly, tolerance, which is a growing need in the new world picture.