• Established in 1982, IGSC is the first high school in the Potohaar region to introduce the British Schooling System from both the University of London and the University of Cambridge. Students are prepared to take the IGSC....

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    • Breathtaking 2 1/2 acres purpose built Campus.
    • Qualified, competent and experienced faculty that inspires in students the joy of learning.
    • Excursion and educational Overseas trips.

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Cultural Diversity

  • IGSC, feels proud to host a melange of students of different nationalities and cultures who lend an international air to the school. Students from all over the world get together here to enjoy a friendly and harmonious environment...

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Calendar of Events

Mon 29th July '19
Senior Classes of IGCSE begin

Tues 13th Aug '19
Announcement of IGCSE May/June 2019 results from the University of Cambridge, UK

Mon 12th–Sun 18th Aug '19
Eid-ul-Azha Holidays

Mon 19th Aug '19
School reopens for the New Academic Year for the Middle & Elementary School

Tue 20th Aug '19
School reopens for the New Academic Year for the Kindergarten Section

Thu 22nd Aug '19
Announcement of IGCSE May/June 2019 Islamiat Results from the University of London, UK

Mon 9th & Tues 10th Sept '19
Ashura (School will remain closed)

Sat 14th Sept '19
Movie night on campus for IGCSE Final, Previous and Junior with teachers, Mrs. Shumaila & Mrs. Hamdani

Tue 17th/ Wed 18th Sept'19
Award Ceremony for the High Achievers of May/June 2019 Final Examinations

Week of Mon 23rd Sept '19
First Monthly Tests
KG Class, Elementary & Middle School classes (Eng. Literature, Mathematics and General Science only)
* All subjects for the IGCSE classes

Thurs 3rd/ Fri 4th Oct '19
Oath-Taking Ceremony for Class Leaders (KG Class to IGCSE Final)

Tues 8th – Thurs 10th Oct '19
Field Trips
KG Section - Tues 8th Oct
Elementary School - Wed 9th Oct
Middle & High School - Thurs 10th Oct

Week of Mon 21st Oct '19
Second Monthly Tests
KG Class, Elementary & Middle School classes (Eng. Lang, Maths, World History, Islamiyat and Urdu only)
* All subjects for the IGCSE classes

Sat 2nd Nov '19
PTM for the distribution of the Bimonthly Report Cards for all classes From 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Fri 8th Nov '19
Allama Iqbal Day Celebrations at school

Thurs 21st Nov '19
English Declamation Contest for Middle school

Fri 29th Nov '19
Distribution of Mid-Year Examination Syllabus in classes

Mon 2nd – Wed 4th Dec'19
ICT Practical Exam– Middle School (Mid-Year Exam)

Thurs 5th – Tues 10th Dec'19
Practical Exam in Computing Studies – Elementary School (Mid-Year Exam)

Wed 11th – Sun 15th Dec '19
Prep leave for the Mid-Year Examination (both days inclusive) for the entire school (KG class to IGCSE Final)

Wed 25th Dec– Tues 7thJan '20
Winter Break (both days inclusive)

Wed 8th Jan '20
School resumes for the Second Term

Sat 18th Jan '20
PTM for the distribution of the Mid-Year Examination Report Cards

*** Above calendar is subject to changes.


  • studentHonored by the University of Cambridge as "One of the top hundred schools in the world".

  • books"IGSC is a Harvard to the heart, a Yale to young minds and an Aya Sophiya to the soul of all those students that come to IGSC seeking to evolve into strong responsible individuals", Cambridge Guide to Excellence.

  • notesWinners of the United World Scholarships to the U.K. and the U.S. since 1985.

  • breakerWinners of the children's Summit 1998, when IGSC students became Pakistan's youngest Ambassadors to Paris, France.

What Makes IGSC Special

  • studentFrequent Parent-Teacher Meetings along with students for a meaningful guidance leading to greater accomplishments.

  • booksWell equipped library with multimedia facilities to inculcate and sustain literary interests in students.

  • notesCharacter building and personality grooming with special emphasis on moral values, Islamic teachings and cultural heritage.

  • breakerFully equipped Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories to meet the requirements of modern times.

  • globeAn international student body a melange of different cultures and nationalities making a united world.


  • "I am proud to be a part of this school. I love being a Grammarian"

    Aala Taufiq

    "Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lightning of fire – IGSC lights that fire in me"

    Riki Khalid Baig

    "My school is the right place to achieve perfection"

    Hascher Saleem

    "14 years in IGSC and I still want more."

    Maryum Naeem

    "Best teachers, great grounds, amazing extra-curricular program!"

    Naghma Khan

    "I cannot believe that locked away in the heart of Islamabad is a special place such as The International Grammar School… It makes me want to be a student again"


    "I got admission to GIK on full merit based scholarship, I wanted to let you know. Thank you a lot for the facilities provided by IGSC. IGSC played an important role in my academic and social life. Thank you for all the opportunities I was provided with."

    Talal bin Saad